The InterCard - all functions on a chip card

Multifunctional chip card systems by InterCard offer a clear advantage: they integrate all card functions into one system and on a single card. This chip card does not only act as a key to buildings or secure areas; it can also be used as an accounting or payment card for the photocopier, kiosk, canteen or in the library.

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photocopies, printouts and scans

Manage and pay for photocopies, printouts and scans with the chip card

Managing printing jobs and calling them up at the printer - Recording costs or paying for copies, scans and printing

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touch.ON Output Controller

  • Review and Release print jobs at the terminal
  • Supports Active Directory, username & password login
  • Compatible with UniPrint, PaperCut, Comprise, QPilot, ICPrint, PCounter and many other print/copy software products

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load.UP Value Loader

  • Value Loader with dispense/payout options
  • Supports Active Directory, username & password login, users can self register a new card to the system
  • Compatible with UniPrint, PaperCut, Comprise, QPilot, ICPrint, PCounter and many other print/copy software products
  • Supports a wide range of user media, Proximity/RFID tokens, magnetic card, barcode, USB equipped and is future capable for new technology

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Pay with the chip card in the canteen, in the cafeteria and at the kiosk

The entire payment system for your communal catering. Eat and drink in the canteen or just buy a coffee to go and a magazine at the kiosk: cashless with the chip card.

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vending machine

Pay with the chip card at the vending machine

You can link your kiosk or coffee vending machine into your existing chip card payment system using the chip card module vend.IN.

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Self-service library charge system

With smart.BOOK, the payment terminal for libraries, your students can easily pay charges at the terminal - with chip card or barcode.

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washing and drying

Pay for the use of laundry equipment in the hall of residence with the chip card

Cashless payment for washing and drying by using the university card as well as comfortable management for laundry machines and dryers by smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Loading the chip card: with cash, by bank card or via Autoload

Buying and loading or refunding and returning chip cards and guest cards or pay for charges with the automatic loading terminals.

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public transport

The local public transport ticket on the chip on the university card

Students integrate the E-Ticket for public transport into the chip of the student ID card by using the InterCard automatic loading terminal. At the same time, the terminal prints visible the new validity of the e-ticket on the identity card.

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access control

Opening doors and barriers with the university chip card

With our access control system you can grant access to buildings, car parks or your company premises to students and staff. In the building itself you can regulate access to the individual rooms, lifts or entire areas.

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