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This page contains product photos, logos and a picture of our chairman, these are freely available for marketing and editorial articles. Other uses including the transfer of the photos to third parties are prohibited. If you need additional photos or different pictures, please contact us.


Terms of use for press photos

Press photos: Copyright

InterCard press photos may only be used for editorial purposes. In all cases the owner of the copyright is InterCard AG Informationssysteme, 78054 Villingen-Schwenningen, except when specifically otherwise stated.

All copyrights also remain in force in all respects when the photos are stored elec­tronically or physically in an archive. Pictu­res which are used for editorial purposes, even when changed, reproduced and/or electronically alienated, must nonetheless be marked with the source information "www.intercard.org".

The transfer of photos to third parties for commercial purposes - also in electronical­ly processed form - is not permitted. The photos may be reproduced/published free of charge. In return we request that a spe­cimen copy be sent to our address in the case of print media, and that we be noti­fied in the case of electronic media.


Postal address:
InterCard AG Informationssysteme
Marienstrasse 10
D-78054 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany