Kontaktbehaftete RFID-Chipkarte und 2 Schlüsselchips

Contactless RFID chipcards and Key Fobs

Smart cards based on RFID chip in addition to a separate antenna. Via this antenna, the chipcard is read out or written with new data by radio. Therefore, the chipcard requires no physical contact with the chipcard terminal.

The chipcard is held either by the surface of the chipcard reader or inserted in a smart card terminal. Due to the contactless transfer contact problems from dirty or worn contacts are avoided.

The built-in chip does not need its own power source, but can be energized by the electromagnetic fields of the wireless transmission.

RFID chips are offered integrated into plastic and paper cards as well as in key chips, but also in RFID stickers, labels, wristbands, NFC tags and transponder Watches.

Chipcard technologies

  • MIFARE® DESFire 2k, 4k and 8k
  • MIFARE® Ultralight
  • MIFARE® Classic 1k und 4k
  • SmartMX
  • EM
  • LEGIC® prime
  • LEGIC® advant
  • LEGIC® CTC4096
  • Processor- and Dual-Interface
  • Hybrid card with additional contact Chip
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MIFARE® is a registered trademark of NXP B.V.

Kontaktbehaftete Chipkarte S

Chipcard with contacts

On contact smart card chip is applied externally visible. The chip is written to or read via the contact surfaces

Contact-based smart cards technologies

  • Memory chipcards:
    Simple chip memory module
  • Processor chipcards:
    Processor chip with computational structure (arithmetic logic unit and operating system)
  • Hybrid cards:
    With an additional working contactless chip module

ISO-Standards: 7810 and 7816

Magnetkarte S

Magnetic cards

In magnetic card, all data are stored on a magnetic strip with three tracks of data. The types HiCo (High Coercivity) or LoCo (Low Coercivity) differ only in the magnetic properties of the magnetic stripe. HiCo cards are described with a much higher magnetic field strength.

Magnetic card types

  • HiCo 2750/4000 Oe
  • LoCo 300 Oe

ISO-Standard: 7811

Plastikkarte s

Plastic cards

Plastic cards are available with and without chips or magnetic strips.

Printing options available

  • Offset (4-colour extra charge, special colors)
  • Screen printing (special colors)
  • Digital printing
  • Thermal printing
  • Re-Transfer

Add-ons for chipcards, magnetic cards and plastic cards

  • Thermo-Rewrite-Strip
  • Signature field
  • Hologram
  • Barcodes (i.e. Code 39, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, Interleaved 2of5)
  • Safety features (i.e. Guillochen, Microscript, UV-Print, OVI)

Card accessories for chipcards, magnetic cards and plastic cards

  • Card accessories
  • Card holders, yoyos, clips, lanyards and cases

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