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Authentication with chipcard

Provide additional security of access to data and networks via chipcard or app. Log in on a wide range of servers at the same time with Single Sign-on.

Login securely at your PC

In order to unlock computers or access networks a simple password will often not provide sufficient protection. You can use the personal chipcard, the personal app or an USB token to provide additional security of access to networks and data.
If the user’s personal chipcard is also read at the PC in addi­tion to the typing in of the password, this will offer consider­able extra security. This means that it will not be possible to access confidential data without the physical possession of the chipcard.

Use any Computer

Whoever has access to clearly defined data and systems at a workplace within an organisation can also use these rights with the same authentication at other workplaces. If you move to another terminal or workplace you can automati­cally take your access rights for data and systems with you.

All data with one ID

With Single Sign-on a single login on a personal computer will be sufficient to gain access to a wide range of data and servers at the same time, and without entering additional access data. In this way the user will only have to remember a single password.
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