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POS systems

Canteen, Refectory and Kiosk Vending Machine

Pay with the chipcard in the canteen, refectory, at the kiosk or at the food and drinks vending machine
POS systems

The payment system for community catering

Regardless of whether your guests eat and drink in the canteen or refec­tory or simply want to purchase a coffee to go and a magazine at the kiosk in passing: they can make cashless payments using the credit on their chipcard.

InterCard will supply you with the entire payment system: The products selected by your guest are entered into the checkout by your staff, read with the barcode scanner or registered using the integrated scales.

The attached smart.DESK chipcard reader books the payment due directly from the credit on the chipcard.

Checkout "Sango"

Checkout Sango

The innovative and design-oriented checkout with touchscreen

The checkout "Sango" combines innovative technology with excellent design.

"Sango" appears to hover because it is not fixed to a base unit, plinth or support. This allows for valuable space under the screen for a cash drawer or a receipt printer.

The stable and robust metal base unit conducts heat so that one version of the cash desk can even dispense with a ventilator. Moreover the energy consumption is low thanks to the built-in flash memory (SSD), which is also quieter than a normal hard drive as well as being less sensitive to shocks.

The pivotable LED monitor with frameless display is available either in a resistive or a capacitive multi-touchscreen version.

Four different processor types and several communications ports are available.
Checkout Sango

Optional supplements

Optionally you can also fit the checkout with a 1D barcode scanner or a receipt printer.

The polycarbonate checkout frames can be selected in seven different colours and can easily be exchanged.

Upon request the checkout can also be fitted with various customer displays. There is a choice of a simple two-line display with pixel control or a graphics display with very high picture quality.

More information about the operating

Checkout Sango

Checkout "Yuno"

Checkout Yuno

The compact checkout with touchscreen

The checkout "Yuno" offers modern technology, ergonomic design, inno­vative functions and successful design with a good cost-benefit ratio.

The energy-saving processor in a ventilator-free housing uses very little energy and the aluminium housing works like a cooling element.

The appliance is fitted with a quiet flash memory (SSD) as standard.

The touchscreen is resistant to shocks and scratches. The entire checkout is resistant to fats, crumbs, dust and splashes.

The display is available in two formats: with a 15.1-inch screen in 4:3 format and with a 15.6-inch screen in widescreen 16:9 format. The projected-capacitive screen operates with gesture-enhanced single touch awareness.

The checkout display can be adjusted smoothly with an angle of inclina­tion between 0° and 90°.
Checkout Yuno

Pay an inclusive price for food with the chipcard


"smart.FIX" inclusive price terminal

The compact "smart.FIX" chipcard terminal was specially developed for the payment of menus at fixed prices. It replaces the costly checkout sys­tem involving staff.

Guests hold their chipcard in front of the chipcard reader; the fixed price is deducted and access to the menu is granted.

The fixed price is either deducted from the credit on the chipcard or is charged via a cost-centre accounting system.

The chipcard terminal can easily be linked into your checkout system.


If an optical or acoustic confirmation of payment or of access to the food area be desired, a signal can also be included in the payment system.

Payment at the checkout using the chipcard


"smart.DESK" chipcard reader

"smart.DESK" is a compact chipcard reader specially developed for the checkout area, for efficient cashless payment in refectories, canteens and cafeterias.

With its hard-wearing presentation, "smart.DESK" fulfils all requirements for a variety of checkout environments.

The card-reading screen is easily identified by the user. Combined with a clearly legible LCD display, it ensures an intuitive and therefore error-free payment process with the chipcard.

Quick payment by smart card

The actions at the terminal are recognisable on the display through different colours. A signal will sound if an error occurs.

Booking times of less than 1 second ensure a faster throughput, especially at busy times.

Operating software for checkouts

Operating_software CC Classic

For every requirement the right checkout software

A choice of two software packages is available. They have been specially developed for use in community catering and permit fast and easy proce­ssing of the checkout procedures as well as payment with cash, via cost centres or with the credit on a chipcard.

The software packages are very easy to use even for computer novices. They permit rapid entry to efficient checkout systems in refectories, can­teens, cafeterias and shops.

The registration procedure takes place via the cashier's key, a chipcard or the user password. Upon request the software will start automatically when you switch the system on and will shut down and switch off the PC when the checkout module ends.

In order to simplify and support repetitive work, procedures can be indivi­dually saved by the user and then carried out at a later stage by simply pressing a button.

By means of the flexible data interfaces it is possible to link the system into external programs, e.g. merchandise management, salaries and wages systems or in order to exchange data with external systems.

Features at a glance

  • Different article prices according to chip­card or subsidies structure for different user groups
  • The entering of individual prices
  • Price calculation by weighing
  • Special functions via scripts
  • Chipcard reader can be connected
  • Administrator functions for important tasks (e.g. cancellation)
  • Manual printout of receipt is possible
  • Configurable receipt tracing
  • Recharging of chipcards Contingents

Administration software for CC and TCPOS checkout software

CC Classic

Central data administration of the checkout system

With the software packages for data administration you can manage centrally all the master data for the checkout system:

  • Articles and article groups
  • Prices and price changes
  • Administration of users and rights
  • Authorisations for charging
  • Core data for users, staff and customers
  • Core data for appliances

The administration software is intuitive and easy to use. It has been de­vised for staff without in-depth experience. The menu structure of the software can be adapted to suit your individual needs; you can simply mask out menu entries which you do not require.

The user surfaces of the checkouts can also be centrally configured and designed using the administration software.

Administration modules

It is possible to administer table reserva­tions and bookings, customer cards and sub­sidies via the software packages.

Additional modules for the TCPOS checkout software are also available for sales cam­paigns, stocktaking checks, invoice printing and label printing.

Turnover data control

The software packages assist you with your monitoring of sales, balance checks, checkout revenues and turn­over in kiosk vending machines. The turnover monitoring can be carried out for all sales points and locations.

When starting and ending the checkout system the core data are automatically read into the checkouts and the turn­over data are read out. The adminis­tration software supplies comprehen­sive turnover reports.

System supervision

Plausibility checks monitor all trans­action data continuously. Thus the sys­tem will recognise the malfunctioning of equipment, data carrier errors, missing amounts or manipulation of the chipcard as well as unusual user behaviour.

The system records every action with date, time, checkout number, etc. and permits a gapless reconstruction of all procedures. Thus if a card is lost the latest credit amount can also be deter­mined.

Database concept

The data from all transactions, such as, for example, checkout or upgrading re­venues, are stored in a raw data format in the Microsoft SQL database and are made available for you to process as required.

The administration software makes interfaces available to other manage­ment systems such as merchandise management and financial accounting.
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