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Mobile chipcard terminal

Identification at the mobile chipcard terminal with the university card

Use the chipcard to check the presence or to release and log access to examinations
Mobiles Chipkartenterminal

Read chipcards at any location

With the portable chipcard terminal you can read your students' chip-based university card in any location. This enables the card owners to be clearly identified.

The appliance can be used, for example, at compulsory events to record the presence of students with the precise times of attendance.


  • Presence inspection
  • Attendance
  • Access control
  • Ticket control and evaluation
  • Seminar and examination control
  • Validation of maps
  • Display of credit balances
  • Participation in elections
Mobile chipcard terminal

Organise examinations

During examinations you can use the mobile chipcard terminal to monitor access to the examination area and can compare the data of the students with the registrations for the exami­nations that were submitted. You can also record the time the examination paper was handed in.

Hold university elections

During university elections you can use the university card to verify the voting rights and can ensure that each student only votes once.

Examine tickets

You can examine the tickets and authorisations stored on the uni­versity card and can control the access to different areas.
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