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Locker system for chipcards

Schränke online und offline verwalten

RFID card system for booking, accessing and payment for lockers and storage
Open safety deposit boxes

Open safety deposit boxes and lockers with the smart card

Use your smart card system to control and monitor your lockers. Access and management is simple with your smart card, the key chip or smartphone.

Padlocks and individual keys are no longer required. Lost keys or permanently blocked lockers are a thing of the past.

Permissions for the use of the cabinets can be assigned individually.

Our smartphone APP can alert users to free cabinets and maintain the status of their current locker usage. The app also works for the reservation of lockers or payment of any fees.


Wired locks and lockers you can easily manage from the control center and control as well as open or lock when needed.

The cabinets can be used in groups and individually as free choice of locker or as a personal rental working locker.

Reading the chipcard takes place on the lock of each cabinet or central operating terminal.


If you do not want the additional wiring for online locks, opt for the battery-powered offline variant.

The locks operating modes are as free choice of locker or as a personal rental working locker.

Fading batteries are reported via the user's smart card app to the operating terminal.
Online and offline locks for smart cards

Online and offline locks for smart cards

You keep your existing cabinets and replace only your conventional Cabinet locks with either wired or battery-powered cabinet locks. The new locks can be operated with the smart card or the key chip, online locks also work with the smartphone.

Depending on the application, we have various locks and appropriate mounting accessories available, e.g. for lockers in the library, mailbox systems, personal desk drawer security or for the controlled delivery of vehicle documents and keys.
Search for cabinets

Search for cabinets

In large systems with many lockers in several locations, for example, in the university or in a hospital, free cabinets are found at the operating terminal. The user is spared long journeys and the locker resources are used optimally.

smart.BOOK for Locker booking, charges and other system fees

This system can easily be added to the smart card system from InterCard, e.g. for access control or time and attendance, for the settlement of print and copy costs or to make cashless payments in the cafeteria and the library.

InterCard will help you set up the system for control, management and the collection of rental fees etc.

Depending on the usage concept the locking permissions for defined time periods or cabinet groups is encoded on the smart card.

Incidental fees can be paid using an InterCard chipcard, with cash, via bank card* or SEPA Direct Debit*.

In addition, other paying functions can be used on the smart.BOOK, for example, fees for loan in the library or for car parking.

* Not all markets, please ask for more details

The multi-functional chipcard

The chipcard system by InterCard integrates all applications and functions into a single system and on a single card. Each user needs just one card. Since all functions are linked together the card can easily be kept up to date: for example, the period of validity can be extended, credits can be managed and the card can even be blocked.

The multi-functional terminal

The terminal can be used in different operating modes, for online or offline locks, linked with connection to a central software application or standalone.

chipcards can be initialized or updated after the expiration date. Any user can obtain information about his current assignment of a cabinet. With the terminal lockers can be reserved, opened and reservations can be cancelled.

Modern design, a large display with touch control and voice output provide maximum ease of use. The transfer of data between the terminal and the server is encrypted. The integrated smart card reader reads the data of all current smart cards.

In addition to functions for cabinet locks and smart cards can be formatted, for example, with the current locking authorizations for electronic cylinders and door locks for offline access control.
App for payment

App for payment

In parallel to, or as an alternative to the multi-function terminal, the functions of the system can also be used via smartphone.

For overdrafts, the usage times applicable fees can be paid easily online.
Software for cabinet lock management
Übersicht erhalten

Software for cabinet lock management

The modular and scalable software package IK C / 3 InterCard offers a powerful system for management of cabinet lock systems, which can be supplemented with additional functions for time attendance and access control.

If desired, the master data of your employees may be even recorded or imported from another personnel system.

Different permissions such as free choice of locker, personal rental cabinets or cabinets assigned to a group can be assigned individually and repeatedly.

Use of the cabinets is tracked and recorded. The software features include extensive reporting and the data can be exported in various formats for further analysis.

Obtain overview

The current allocation of cabinets and equipment utilization is displayed graphically.

Individual cabinets can be locked, released or opened.
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