Top up credit on chipcards

Loading the chipcards

with cash, by bank card or via Autoload

Buying and loading or refunding and returning chipcards and guest cards or pay for charges with the automatic loading terminals.

Top up credit on chipcards


Loading the chipcard with credit at the terminal using coins, banknotes or bank card

With the smart.UP automatic loading terminal, users of chipcards can easily add credit to their card: Insert your chipcard, pay in the amount - that's all.

It is possible to credit the card by paying in cash in the form of coins or banknotes; you can also add credit to the card using your bank card or debit/credit card. When loading the chipcards with a bank card smart.UP supports both payment forms: electronic debit or ec-Cash.

Top up credit on chipcards

More Applications

Our automatic terminals can be flexibly extended by additional functions

  • Locker system for chipcards
    Manage lockers online and offline
  • Shopfunction
    Buying, reedem tickets and voucher
  • library function
    Pay library fees

Top up credit on chipcards


New chipcards can be issued and returned

The automatic loading terminal with smart.EXPERT guest card function is based on the smart.UP automatic loading terminal. It extends the range of functions to include the issuing and deactivating of new chipcards.

A stock of up to 250 neutral, not personalised chipcards is held within the appliance to be issued as new or guest cards.

Issuing cards

The new chipcards are issued with credit already loaded. The guest can determine the amount to be credited. Optionally, the operator can charge a deposit on the chipcard.

Returning cards

The chipcards which have been issued can be returned by the automatic payment terminal. The remaining credit on the chipcard, including deposit, will be paid back to the guest via the coin chute.

Functional Design

The automatic terminal can be easily and intuitively used via the 12" touchscreen.

The automatic terminal's clever design and tough build make it ideal for the public environment.