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Top-up terminals

Top-up terminals

Top up your credit balance at the terminal with cash, debit or credit card and issue guest cards
Top-up terminals

Topping up the user account

For your identification and payment system there is a termi­nal available to suit every application.

In order to top up the credit balance the users must simply identify themselves at the terminal with their chipcard. They can top up the credit balance either with cash using coins or banknotes, or with their girocard or credit card.

Not only can the credit balance be topped up at the terminal; depending on the version in use, the amount can also be paid out in coins or banknotes.

Optionally, it is also possible to use the terminal to return non-personalised chipcards.

The load.UP

All load.UP terminals can be adapted with features to suit the functions you need. Depending on your requirements the slots of the terminal can be used to top up the credit balance with cash or cards or even a mix of them both. With the optional extension module the features extend to the dispensing of coins or the issue of guest cards.


load.UP Features

Guest card

The optional extension module per­mits the issuing of new chipcards. These chipcards are issued without a credit balance. The operator can charge a deposit on the card. As the next step, the guest can charge the chipcard with coins or banknotes or from their bank account. Any remai­ning credit amount is paid out via the coin dispenser. These chipcards are issued without a credit balance. The operator can charge a deposit on the card.

For the licencee

  • Web Interface utility for easy setup, test, upgrade etc.
  • Total cost control and recovery system for all markets
  • Compatible with UniPrint, PaperCut, PCounter, Q PILOT® and many other software products for print/copy
  • Supports a wide range of user media like Proximity and RFID tokens, magnetic card, barcode
  • USB equipped, future capable for new technology
  • Built in and server based audit trail

For the user

  • Self-explaining interface
  • Users can self-register a new card to the system
  • Receipt for transactions (optional)
  • Pay out of credit balance (optional)
  • Supports Active Directory, user­name & password login
  • Credit card terminal accepts many currencies around the world
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