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The local public transport ticket on the university card

Use public transport with your student ID

Students integrate the E-Ticket for public transport into the chip of the student ID card by using the InterCard automatic loading terminal. At the same time, the terminal prints visible the new validity of the e-ticket on the identity card.

Place the e-ticket on the chip of the chipcard and print

InterCard integrates the e-ticket for public transport into the chip of the student ID – or upon request when the university card is issued.

The e-ticket can also be recorded onto the chip at the automatic pay sta­tion at a later date. The authorisation period is then printed by the pay station directly on to the chipcard and is encrypted before being recorded on the chip in code form. The validity can also be extended at the automa­tic pay station.

Low additional costs

Neither new chipcards nor new automatic pay stations will be required for the e-ticket, because the existing university infrastruc­ture can be used for the integration of the electronic ticket. All that you will require will be software updates.


The e-ticket is safe from forgery because it is not simply printed externally on the stu­dent ID, but is also encoded and stored on the chip in code form. It can easily be read and checked by the readers carried by ticket inspectors.
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