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Chipcard modul for vending machines

Pay and reclaim deposits at kiosk, drinks and coffee vending machines using your chipcard.
Vending machine

Every kiosk vending machine and coffee machine can be converted for payment using chipcards

All vending machines for drinks, snacks or accessories can be modified to accept payment using the chipcard by means of the vend.IN chipcard module. To do so you simply supplement the coin slot on the vending machine or replace it with the new chipcard module.

The new vend.IN module has a modern appearance and is equipped with a 2.8" touchscreen and a coloured LED status indicator on the chipcard.

The vend.IN chipcard module is compatible with the current MDB protocol and can be built into all popular vending machines. Data retrieval and remote maintenance can be carried out via the network.

Top up the credit

If there is insufficient credit on the chipcard, it can be topped up again on the spot via the vend.IN chipcard module. All that is required here is the integration of the optional auto­load process. In this way users can still pur­chase products when the credit on the chip­card has been exhausted.

Credit deposits

With the vend.IN chipcard module amounts can not only be debited, but can also be cre­dited. This means that in a reverse vending machine the chipcard module permits you to return a deposit by adding it to the credit balance on the chipcard.

Pay with your chipcard at all vending machines
or have your deposit credited to your chipcard

Coffee- and hot drinks
Products and snacks
Return empties

Coffee- and
hot drinks

Your students hold their chipcard in front of the vend.IN module. They select the drink required on the ven­ding machine and pay for it with the credit balance on their chipcard.

If your vending machine does not pro­vide for the installation of a chipcard module, as an alternative the vend.IN can be connected to the vending machine within a separate unit. This means, for example, that your chipcard users can also pay at the coffee ma­chine using the chipcard.

Products and

Whether your students want to pur­chase snacks, materials, accessories or health & cosmetic products at the ven­ding machine: they can pay for every­thing without the need for cash by using the credit balance on their chip­card.

Return empties without cash payments

You can dispense with the cost-inten­sive cash repayment of deposits because with the vend.IN chipcard module your reverse vending machine can book the deposit amount directly onto the credit on the chipcard. This means that returning bottles, cans or coffee cups can become a fully auto­mated process.

Topping up the credit on the vend.IN chipcard module


The optional autoload function

The autoload process allows the chip­card user's credit to be topped up as soon as it falls below a pre-set mini­mum amount.

If the vend.IN chipcard module disco­vers that the credit amount on the chipcard is not enough, the terminal will automatically top up the credit on the chipcard with the previously deter­mined amount. Optionally, the user will be required to agree to the top-up pro­cedure.

The amount by which the card is to be topped up is predetermined by stu­dents in advance. They simply confirm the topping-up amount by pressing on the touchscreen.

The topping-up amount is either trans­ferred by direct debit from the bank account of the chipcard user or is paid for via an online payment system like, for example, PayPal.
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