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Washing and drying

Washing and drying

No coins in the laundry room

Using the InterCard settlement system, users no longer need the correct small change to wash their laundry. No monies have to be collected from the vending machines and vandalism is also no longer worthwhile.

Pay for the use of laundry equipment in the hall of residence with the university card

The chipcard can also be used to pay for washing machines and dryers in halls of residence without using cash. In this case an InterCard chipcard terminal is connected to the appliances in the laundry room. In this way the chipcard replaces the time-consuming issuing and accounting of laun­dry tokens.

The performance of the washing machines and dryers can be paid for either according to the time they are used, with a fixed amount or by che­cking the service provided (power consumption).

Check machine availability online

Students can check the availability of the washing machines or dryers by smartphone, tablet or PC via a web portal. The web portal collects the information from the terminal in the laundry room.

Unnecessary and time wasting trips to the laundry become a thing of the past.avoided.
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