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Adding credit at every terminal via Autoload using debit or online payment services

Autoload procedure

With the Autoload procedure a chip­card user's credit is automatically reloaded as soon as the credit falls below a predetermined minimum amount.

The amount to be credited is either debited directly from the bank acco­unt of the chipcard owner or is paid via an online payment service, for example, PayPal.

Registering Autoload

When the Autoload procedure is regis­tered the chipcard user enters his or her bank account details and issues a direct debit mandate if necessary.

If desired the user can also determine via his or her online access the amo­unt to be credited and the minimum amount below which this automatic topping up of the credit should take place.

Adding credit

If it is determined at a terminal or ma­chine that the credit has fallen below the minimum level, the terminal will load the chipcard directly with the topping-up amount, after requesting the agreement of the user (optional).

The amount to be credited is either a predetermined fixed amount or can be entered manually at the terminal.
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