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Printing, copying and scanning

Printers and Photocopiers

Pay for and manage printing, copying and scans with the chipcard and via app – all at the same terminal.
Printing, copying and scanning
Users of your system can use printers, photocopiers and scanners throughout the entire campus and everywhere on your premises with their chipcard. The chipcard is used to pay for printouts, copies and scans or to allocate them to cost centres. Similarly, by identifying the user at the termi­nal, print jobs from the Cloud can be started and scans filed away in a personal folder.
Every multifunction printer on the premises is connected to the payment and print management system via the terminal touch.ON or via an embedded terminal. The system users identify themselves at the terminal using their chipcard and can then manage their printouts and scans on the touch­screen and debit the charges to their credit balance or the cost centre.
Printing, copying and scanning

Call up print jobs at every printer

As soon as you have recorded a print job in the system, you can call it up with your chipcard or your code and print if required at every printer imme­diately or later, regardless of location. In this way you can be certain that only you will be able to print and take pos­session of the document.

Allocate and manage costs

You can use the ID to allocate charges for printing and copying to the correct user – departments, projects or staff members. You can draw up clearly ar­ranged reports in less than no time. By allocating contingents you can also limit your printing costs.

Secure printing with authentication

Our print management solutions per­mit an uncomplicated authentication at the terminal using the chipcard. In this way you can guarantee that confiden­tial documents, such as contracts or development plans, do not land in the wrong hands.
Mobile printing

Mobile printing from anywhere

By means of the print management your users and guests can print from their smartphone or tablet on all the appli­ances in the system. The documents can be sent as e-mail or be uploaded into a personal folder via app or web browser.
Saving and allocating scans

Saving and allocating scans

By linking the print management solution to directory ser­vices and exchange servers you will have access to your personal scan destinations (contacts, e-mail, home folder) and can therefore send your scans directly from the multi­function appliance to the desired address.
touch.ON Output

touch.ON Output Controller

Use your card to identify yourself at the touch.ON terminal and manage your personal printing folder on the display. Printing jobs can be started or cancelled via the display. Copies, prints and scans can be directly charged to your cre­dit balance in the system via the terminal or can be charged to a cost centre within the system.
The user account or cost centre can be accessed by a wide variety of media including RFID cards, tags or key fobs, mag­netic stripe cards and barcodes.

touch.ON Features

  • Review and release print jobs at the terminal
  • Track and record scans, copies and prints
  • Supports Active Directory, username & password login
  • Compatible with UniPrint, PaperCut, Comprise, Q PILOT®, CZ Solutions, OCS and many other print and copy software products
  • Supports a wide range of user media, Proximity / RFID smart cards and to­kens as well as magnetic cards
  • USB port to be capable for new tech­nologies in future
  • Follow-me printing ensures your jobs print where you want them
  • Turns your old network printer into a secure print release device


  • Total cost control and recovery sys­tem for all markets: Education, Ma­nufacturing, Government, Health, Professional
  • Seamlessly integrates with InterCard solutions for Library, Cafeteria, Time and Attendance, Access Control and Card Management (personalisation) systems
  • Supports most current MFPs, copiers and thousands of legacy products
  • No need to wait for product upgra­des to arrive – with our remote acc­ess, your equipment can be updated easily and with no disruption to you


  • Pull Printing. Unlike direct printing or debit card solutions, users can pick up their print jobs wherever and whenever they choose – in a diffe­rent building, after class, on their way home. The printing follows the user!
  • The touch.ON helps you eliminate proprietary debit cards and migrate to an online, accounts-based system that automatically tracks activity at all your printers and copiers in a sin­gle database
  • One low cost device enables tracking of colour, duplex and different media size output from most modern multi function devices
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